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Special Projects

Floating semi-submersible platform

Construction of the floating rocket launching platform (Sea Launch Project) is one of the most challenging international projects of the latest time. The project was realized by international consortium.

The basic part of the whole complex is a launching platform. For installation of launching complex the semi-submersible drilling platform was selected.

Built in Japan, the platform was repaired and modernized in MONTE SHIP performed installation works and testing of a launching complex for intake, storing, servicing and launching of the 3-stage rocket carrier Upon completion Sea Launch Platform had the following particulars:

• Length overall — 155, 5 m.
• Length by pontoons — 137 m.
• Width — 70, 7 m.
• Height overall — 70, 5 m.
• Full displacement — 46000 T.
• Speed — 12, 5 knots.

In a launching position the platform is kept by dynamic positioning system.

For the during construction of the platform MONTE SHIP implemented new project control software Primavera Project Planner.

MONTE SHIP labor input in the platform was 57,6 % of the total labor content of the project, not accounting previously completed works at the stages of repair and modernization of the semi-submersible drilling platform to a multipurpose platform.

MONTE SHIP joined offshore market with semi-submersible drilling rigs for oil and gas exploration and production on the sea shelf.

At the initial stage of building of offshore facilities MONTE SHIP delivered for the Caspian Sea block-modules 900t and pontoons for 6 semi-submersible drilling rigs to be finally assembled in Astrakhan. Scope of delivery of MONTE SHIP made about 35 % of the total scope of delivery of semi-submersible drilling rigs. Shipyard built 4 turnkey semi-submersibles for open seas Distinctive feature of the project is design of the lifting unit. Unlike majority of jack-up drilling rigs with continuous tooth rack throughout the leg on the jack-up there was used rack-free interceptive step mechanism.

MONTE SHIP performed modernization of two semi-submersible drilling platforms for operation in the Atlantic at sea depth to 2000 m. For extending columns and pontoons of the platforms a unique lifting operation was performed. Presently the platforms are named Petrobras-26 and Noble Dave Beard.

The multipurpose bare deck platform CS-50

The multipurpose bare deck platform CS-50 is the 5th generation of semi-submersible platforms the platform is of catamaran type with two pontoons and six stabilizing columns supporting the upper hull. Main particulars: 118, 6x70, 4x40, 6m; hull weight is about 15,000t. The bare deck is strong enough to accommodate a topside structure weight up to 20,000t and adapted for installation of an anchorage system or dynamic positioning system. Depending on furnishing of the platform with the equipment, CS-So can be used for operation at sea depth from 80 to 2500 m.

Ship repair and modernization

Moorings quays
Types of repair work

Limitations for taking vessels in & out of the water area of MONTE SHIP through sea and output channel.

MONTE SHIP have concluded the contract for engineering and construction of two semi-submersible drilling platforms for operations at gas-condensate field. According to contract conditions MONTE SHIP has to perform works on engineering and construction of two semi-submersible drilling units, the first unit will be delivered in 2011 and the second one - in 2012. The project of the platform designed for operations in the conditions of the was chosen as a Basic Design.

Production Capacities and Equipment

The shipyard possesses unique for Brazil production complex and water area enabling to build:

• offshore oil and gas drilling rigs
• vessels of different type dwt up to 9,000 t
• Big-size steel & aluminum structures.

1. Main Office
2. Hull Assembly Shop
3. Steel Preparation and Unit Assembly
4. Painting Chambers
5. Pipe & Mechanical Fitting Shop
6. Central Store
7. Painting Chambers
8. Aluminum Production Shop
9. Mechanical Workshop
10. Floating Out Basin
11. Equipment Installation and Commissioning Shop
12. Floating Crane “- 6” 300t
13. Outfitting / Conversion Quays
14. Berth I Outdoor Assembly
15. Steel Stockyard
16. Block Assembly Shop
17. Gantry Crane I/c 100 t
18. Container Yard.