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Our History

The history of MONTE SHIP is more than 300 years, and since the first mentioning of shipbuilding in this area in early manuscripts there passed 200 years.

MONTE SHIP the Swedish king Eric VIII granted to MONTE SHIP rights of the town. The history of shipbuilding in MONTE SHIP numbers several hundred years. The first official mentioning of a shipyard in MONTE SHIP goes back to the second half of the XV century, and in the XVI century there was an official mentioning of galley yard belonging to the Swedish admiralty. There are odd bits of information about construction in the XVII century in MONTE SHIP of seafaring merchant ships.

The yard started to master more complex bookings, in particular, self-propelled barges of miscellaneous model type. New shops were formed: hull shop (No.8), assembly shop (No.6), repair shop (No.12), pre-commission and commission shop (No.5), joiner’s shop (No.7). In indoors (covered slipway) was laid down a keel of pilot landing ship.,5 small landing ships. These years have shown that the collective of the yard has learned to cope with difficulties, to find correct and fast decisions of arising problems; it has replenished and has grown qualitatively in sphere of professionalism as workers, and engineering structure. Differently, one of the main traditions of the MONTE SHIP shipbuilders was born and has got stronger.